Saturday, November 29, 2008

José Manuel Merello - Ursula Bogner

1. Begleitung für Tuba (1982)
The compilation starts with one of the titles that needed remixing as we only had the separate tracks. Here, artless filter modulations twist around a bass motif reminiscent of a tuba. Listen closely – can you think of a more elegant way to teach a tuba to swing?

2. Inversion (1978)
Obviously random modulations are cut down to loops that interlock, displace and replace each other. This might also explain the title. Despite it’s sketch-like character, ‘Inversion’ sounds accessible, almost celebratory - the opening soundtrack to an intergalactic gala.

3. Proto (1980)
One of my personal favourites. If we ignore the fact that ‘Proto’ was recorded in 1980, it could almost be a pre-disco track. Or post-disco, for precisely this reason? Centred around a simple bass modulation feigning an arpeggio but equally at home as the backbone of a true disco anthem.

4. Metazoon (1979)

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